Hoop Time

On the 25th of August the grade 3’s & 4’s went to hoop time. Unfortunately we lost all of our games but I appreciate Mrs shugg and miss Ohis for organising the day. I think the best player was James for his excellent passing and shooting.

Jurassic World 

On the holidays I went to the movies to watch Jurassic World and I think it was abit funny and it was cool.

I rate it 9 out of 10. The coolest bit was when the pteradactyel carried the girl that takes care of the 2 boys and the pteradactyel dropped the girl in the pool where there was a megludon. It ate her for dinner. 


Book Review

We are reading Wonder by R.J Palacio in Info Lit.The book is about August. this is about a kid who has 2 friends who are Jack and Summer and everyone else bullies him. I really like this book because. August is getting more friends and I think he has a girlfriend. I rate this book 5/5 because I’m curious because of Julian and this book has a lot of funny things.