My long holiday

On the holiday In the after noon we were getting ready for Halloween my mum and dad were doing  Melbourne Cup.My dad was number 10 my mum was 23. We nearly won $600.On Tuesday we got to watch Everest it was pretty action packed.    Thanks  for listening

The long weekend

On the long weekend , we went to a Party that was really fun,all my family friends were there,it was my Auntys birthday  and the cake she had was chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. We went to pancake parlour for breakfast,I had fried eggs two pancakes , hash browns , some maple sirupe  and hot chocolate . The next day we went to the shops and I bought a smiggle advent calendar  and some red headphones when we finished  from the shops my dad got us frozen yogurt .  After that we went looking for some coffee tables and a bed for my baby sister when we finished from that we got slurpies I had four flavours in my one they were Coke cola , sour piniplale. Then the last day on the long holidays we went to botanical garden for a picnic with the family we grilled some fish and sausages  the drinks we had was Coke and Fanta , before we left the garden we had a fun water fight  with my cousions we all some water guns my one was the biggest. When we went home we watched the movie horrid Henry, so that my long holidays.

This is the headphones I got.  By Sahar

My long weekend…

On the long weekend, it was Halloween! Me and my friend Olivia went trick or treating up in beconsfield with my two brothers and my two cousins. We got soo many lollies that we had to put them in a big box and they nearly reached the top in there! On Sunday morning I had basketball training for Dandenong Rangers from 10:00-11:30, so I had to get up pretty early. That night a few of my cousins, aunties and uncles came over for dinner and a swim in the pool. My youngest cousin doesn’t know how to swim so I had to carry her around in the water. On Monday, we had one of those days where you mostly just stay at home. The only thing we did that day apart from staying at home and watching telly was going to the shops. First we went to Fountain Gate and we went to Myer looking for some clothes for my mum, Mitch, Jed and myself. We didn’t end up buying anything though. After we had finished shopping we went to the Narre Warren library to borrow some books. I got to borrow three books. On Tuesday, it was Melbourne Cup day! My dad went to get the newspaper so that we could look at the race horses for 2015. We were allowed back a few horses so I chose the horse that had the most money, Sertorious! If it won, which it didn’t, I would have gotten 101 dollars but unfortunately, it didn’t come first, second or third which was disappointing. We went to our friends house to watch it. We played heaps of cricket and basketball and we also played a couple rounds of in the water out of the water. I won quite a few times and a win some lollies. We went in their pool and it was FREEZING!! They don’t have heating in their pool, I even got a brain freeze! My friend Grace tipped that Prince of Penzance would win and it so my friend got 300 dollars! Before we left we all played Brittish Bulldog and all the adults joined in! I won 3 times. Luckily, no one got too badly injured and everyone had fun. We drove home and watched TBL families. I had a great time on my long weekend!!!

By Meg

My long weekend

On my long weekend  I had a masave water fight it took 2 hours .it was a water ballon  and a water gun fight after that we went to the pool . then we went home and I watched a movie I watched hotel Transylvania 2 . after that I went to my friends  house and had play that 5hours after . I  watched the Melbourne cup  I watched  the news  and their was a giant wine bottle it was fun.

My Long Weekend 

On the long weekend I did not realy do much but on Saturday I went for a long drive to the hospital, it was 2 hours away, half way I fell a sleep. We went to the hospital because my nanas nephew WAS in hospital. After that I went to my cousins house and there I went trick or treating for the first time! But sadly 3 days later my nanas nephew died. And that was my long weekend.

ᗰY ᒪOᑎG ᗯEEKEᑎᗪ!

On Saturday on the long weekend, it was Halloween. I went Meg ‘s place for a sleepover. While we waited  to go trick or treating we watched the OPS dance production from last year. We also played on are iPads. Before we got ready we had dinner. After that we went to go get ready. Meg was a witch and I was a cat. We went up to her Aunty’s place and then we went trick or treating. It was really fun. When we got back to Meg’s place we went to her room to make boxes to put are candy in and we even  made little rubbish bins. It was really fun. For etheErnest of the weekend we cleaned up around etherehouse because we’re going to sell it. On Tuesday we went to the beach. The water wasn’t deep at all it only went up to are ankles. We got an ice cream  and then we left. It was a fun. By Olivia

The Long Weekend

Have you ever been to Namgambie? Well on the long weekend I went to Nagambie and I had loads of fun. We went with three other families. There was 10 kids and 7 adults. On the first day when we arrived we went on the jumping pillow and playground. We also went down to the lake and went paddle boarding. The next day was Halloween but before we went trick or treating we were watching a movie in the massive theatre room and went swimming. We all dressed up in really cool costumes. We had a creepy doll, zombies, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland and witches. I got loads and loads of candy. For the rest of the night we were eating our candy from Halloween. On Sunday we went down to the lake again and went on the kayaks and the small raft boat. The first time we went around the lake I was on the raft boat. We kind of got stuck so my dad had to jump in the boat and paddle us around. The second time we went around I was on a kayak. I was paddling around around for like 10 minutes. When it was time to pack up I paddled as fast as I could to the shore but I fell off. I was just hanging on my one arm on the kayak. I was just going to stay like that but I was heading towards a log so I quickly jumped onto the kayak and paddled my way to shore. On the Monday night there was a massive concert run by the tv show called What’s Up Downunder! to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It was a really fun night. I got this drink called illuminated water that is pink and glows in the dark. At 10:00 there was awesome fireworks that went for like 6 minutes. The next day we went home. I HAD AN AWESOME TIME AT NAGAMBIE! 

My Long Weekend!

My long weekend  was better than ever. Starting from Sunday morning when I woke up at 7:30 I got my iPad and started playing a game for a long time, I think I was playing it until 9:00. On Tuesday, a friend of mine came over and we had a barbecue  but we didn’t have food to cook. My mum and my friends mum went to Fountain Gate and they spent a hour  to get some food. It was a good day and we even stayed up to 9:00. Kevin.